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Nails, Hands and Feet

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails


Lay back and relax with our pedicures in the ambiance of low lighting, candles and soft music.
File and paint                                            £16.00

Full Lay back and relax with our pedicures in the ambiance of low lighting, candles and soft music.
File and paint                                             £16.00

Full pedicure                                             £30.00

Includes exfoliation, hard skin removal, cuticle work and a foot and lower leg massage and varnish.

Luxury pedicure                                        £35.00

Hard, rough skin? Tired, swollen feet? Relax while heated booties stimulate blood circulation, helping to absorb and penetrate oils and creams, to refresh, soften and deeply moisturize, including varnish.

File and paint                                                      £16.00

Mini manicure                                                    £19.00

Cuticle work and varnish

 Prescription manicure                                       £25.00

Includes a relaxing hand and arm massage

French manicure                                                 £27.00

Luxury manicure                                                 £33.00

A relaxing hand and arm massage and heated mittens to moisturize dry, tired hands

Also known as the three week manicure! No chipping, smudging or no waiting for it to dry! This revolutionary gel will protect and help your natural nail to grow, with no filing on the nail bed. With a selection of up to 50 colours to choose to suit your mood! Great for finger and toe nails! Just watch your nails grow!
Gel overlays (clear, colour or french)                £34.00

Rockstar glitter gels                                           £38.00

Gel overlays with extensions extra                    £10.00
Gel overlays with a pedicure                             £53.00

Extra nail repairs with overlays                          £2.00

 Individual nail repairs                                        £4.00

Infills recommended every 2-3 weeks Infills same price as above.

Foil Wraps


Nail art has never been so easy and eye-catching! These trendy wraps are applied to the natural nail or extensions, with no damage. With many designs to choose from the possibilities of what can be achieved are endless. Trendy nail wraps can also be used on toes.